Our strategic goal is to offering a gambling platform that recognizes, appreciates and embraces individuals from all cultures and backgrounds. In order to achieve this, we must first start at home with our own workforce, creating a globally-diverse environment that doesn’t focus on race, ethnicity, social background, religion, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, veteran status, and national origin.

Additionally, we are also making strides in areas such as education, global outreach programs and supplier diversity initiatives. Our endeavors are centered around engaging different world and industry leaders, extending social development and seeding change through public policies.

Our diversity and inclusion work


We realize our best work will come when our workforce mirrors our general surroundings. We’re constantly diversifying representation across the organization through our talent commitment efforts and network outreach endeavors.


A career in gaming regularly starts with certifiable chances and preparation. We work diligently to create partnerships with higher-level education facilities for curriculum generation, offer internships and provide other forms of assistance to anyone with the talent and skills to succeed.


To give Betcris an increasingly diverse and comprehensive work environment, we empower progress in the gambling business and beyond. Our endeavors are centered on dialogue with industry leaders, extending social development and seeding change through open strategies.


We realize that an assortment of points of view is critical to providing better services. That implies not just structure innovation that is available and helpful to everybody, but additionally ensuring we bolster decent variety in our provider and affiliate networks. In so doing,  engage more individuals to utilize and help improve how we create comprehensive platforms and services.

What we’ve learned so far

Getting an understanding of bias and how it intersects with the workplace, as well as the networks around us, is critical to making change. Also, sharing those bits of knowledge is increasingly significant. Here, you’ll discover an assortment of the discussions, programs, explore that have educated and motivated  decent variety endeavors. We’re continually exploring and testing what management and culture initiatives work, and have made a spot to share these learnings, best practices and aides with the workforce. This enables everyone to participate in our cultural diversity program.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion at Betcris

We know we must work to effect change beyond our own circles. That’s why we advocate for LGBT-equality and comprehensive immigration and criminal justice reform.  At the same time, we have also partnered with national civil and human rights organizations to lobby for more inclusive innovation policies.

Our diversity and inclusion work

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are business imperatives for Betcris. They improve outcomes for our employees, our products, and our users. That’s why we are constantly building on the previous year’s enhanced strategy, with clear lines of accountability for our leaders. We are committed to a set of goals to increase workforce representation and to create a more inclusive culture.


The most recent percentage of employees who have taken strides in understanding and addressing bias issues.


The number of employee-led initiatives over the past two years that were launched to create better diversity awareness.


Significantly different pay imbalances between cultural subsets in the workforce.

Evaluating Company Messages

Giving your first thoughts a second look and recognizing subtleties can help you create a more inclusive environment.

Providing Structured Content

Using consistent structure and clear criteria can lead to more objective decisions.

Advocate for change

Even gradual change in employing, movement and maintenance is hard-won. A comprehensive way to deal with these issues is the only way to deliver significant, economical change. We should proceed with our work to grow the ability pool remotely, and improve our way of life inside, in the event that we need to make impartial outcomes and incorporation for everybody.

Accountability Matters

We work with various groups, driven by enthusiastic representatives on our workforce, to improve both the experience of underrepresented teams at Betcris, as well as our services. Betcris thanks the great many representatives who champion this work and help gain important ground towards a progressively delegate and comprehensive work environment.